Podcast #15 — Wednesday, Aug 12, 2009
The 12 Step Model of Recovery and Awakening

Awakening is at the heart of 12 Step programs. In order to awaken we need to surrender to a power greater than our egos, our personalities and our attempts at control. In 12 step language, we surrender to God— as we understand God. I think of the 12 Steps as the basic structure of a mature spiritual practice. You can surrender to your Buddha nature, or your Christ nature. You can surrender to a Truth greater than your own version of truth.

You can also surrender to the Life-force that shows itself in the beauty of a sunset or in the sweetness of a newborn. You can surrender to the yearning for Freedom that is in every one of us. The 12 Steps shows us a path. It’s a path of re-covery, of re-membering our essential nature. How do I love? How do I forgive? How do I move beyond myself in service to others? On this show, Darla shares her 16 years of experience exploring these questions through the 12 step model– and shares some of her answers.

The 12 Step Model of Recovery and Awakening

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